Farmer John’s “Be My Bacon Baby”


Composer: Steve Diguer
Performer: Gabriel Deutch
Production: Jacques Deveau, Steve Diguer

Sometimes a gig is a better story than a financial reward.  The photo represents the first time I was ever paid in bacon for a gig, both in coupons and actual bacon.

Engineer Jacques Deveau who was recording in Montreal at the time, got Celine Dion’s drummer to play on the track.

The music was used in a social media campaign for Farmer John’s bacon. The agency, Golin/Harris, supplied the lyrics and asked for an 80’s metal power ballad song.

So I asked myself: What if Sister Christian was a song about bacon?

Huge shoutout to Gabriel Deutch for the unambiguous vocal, and a way better guitar solo than on any 80s hair band track I can remember.


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