Composer: Steve Diguer
Music Production: Ty Delgaty
Client: TVOKids
Video Director: Steve Diguer

Strolling down the sidewalk
Happy all my friends are around
Laughing in the sunshine
Taking in the sights and sounds
But the road is no place
To take a little chance or make a big mistake
So look both ways every time
(and that’s why)
[CHORUS] We always play it safe
When we go out discovering
We always watch the lights
And all the signs
We know when to make a move
Or to wait
And we help each other
So always play it safe
And you’ll arrive
There’s more to a crosswalk
Than waiting for the green light
We make sure all the cars stop
And look at drivers in the eyes

And I want you to see straight
So put away the phone and the video game
And live in the moment right now
(We realize)
[CHORUS] Stop, look, listen now
Always know what’s going ‘round
Stop, look, listen now
You know how


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