Pure As Gold (Featuring Martha Williams)

Composer: Steve Diguer
Music Production: T-Mass Choir, Steve Diguer
Client: Toronto Song Project / Bell Fibe 1
Video Directors: Nadine Valcin, Steve Diguer

When I was young
I was so shy
Didn’t talk to anyone

I had a voice but
Couldn’t speak my mind
Spent all my time alone

Oh Lord, when I tried to talk
People laughed at every word I said
But then, I heard Your voice, when You said

Speak with your heart and soul
I’ll make you pure as gold
Sing, let My spirit take hold
You’re precious and beautiful
Let go of the pain
Let go of the fear
No tears, just love, Jesus I’m here
Speak with your heart and soul
I’ll make you pure as gold

No one got to know me
I was pushed aside
But I learned to get along
Then I found my Saviour
Now I’m gonna fight
My life has just begun
He came to me one day
(And) nobody can take that away
God made no mistakes when He said


Gold, gold, gold
I’ll make you pure as gold

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