Sing It Out (Featuring Maddie Cristiano)

Composer: Steve Diguer
Music Production: Gavin Bradley
Client: Toronto Song Project / Bell Fibe 1
Video Director: Steve Diguer

A girl sat all alone in a dark room
Where all the things she loved looked stained
The room said stay with me in silence
And I’ll keep
Your secret safe
And she tried to hide the pain


Run to the sand and the water
Take a deep breath and dive in
Raise up your arms to the blue sky
See the light shine on your skin
And when it hurts

Sing it out
Scream it out
Feel the pain
Throw it out

All of your fears washed away

Sometimes there were people in her window
She lashed out and drove them all away
She played with shattered glass from the miror
Then one night
Her demon came

She smashed the walls




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